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Certification & Industry Standards

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  1. Temperature and RH factor is monitored before and after rework.
  2. Check for proper suspension of the granite surface plate. If it is in error, resuspension will be performed at your approval.
  3. Clean granite surface plate completely (top and edges)
  4. Clean granite surface plate stand also
  5. Check and relevel your granite surface plate when needed
  6. Repair corners and edges of granite surface plates
  7. Fill breakouts and pits if needed
  8. Install inserts and drill through holes (ranging from .250 in diameter up to 6.00")
  9. Rework with machine lapping (3J) in your plant if needed in circumstances of excessive wear
  10. Rework hand lapping in your plant
  11. Calibrate and certify your plates to
    • Accuracy certified traceable to NIST
    • Conforms with GGG-P-463-C and all other
    • Federal Specifications:
      • MIL STD 45662A
      • ISO 10012-1
      • ANSI/NCSLZ 540-1-994
  12. Clean work area where plate is located - we leave everything better than it was before we came!

Click here for quote request on calibration/resurfacing or machining of granite surface plates and related accessories
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