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Calibration  Resurfacing  Certification

Almost all calibration, resurfacing and machining services can be preformed in your plant or ours.
  • For surface plates ranging from 12 x 18 through 24 x 36 it may be more economical to ship to our plant.
  • Temperature and RH Factor is monitored before and after rework.

Dry Lapping with Synthetic or Natural Diamond

The relative cleanliness and unique finish of this method is designed to allow micronic valleys and air reliefs to exist, preventing seizure of checking instruments. This method is recommended for clean rooms and inspection labs.

Wet Lapping with Silicone Carbide, Machine or Hand Procedure

Wet lapping is advisable for shop plates and heavy use areas. Since these plates undergo excessive use and wear, they are vulnerable to excessive contour deviations and foreign matter impregnation. The water, silicone carbides and soap used in this method remove vast amounts of surface material, reestablishing balanced contours.

Mi-Tee Flat Machining Services

Mi-Tee Flat technicians are qualified and equipped to drill and install inserts and T-bars to customer's exact specifications.

Mi-Tee Flat Reliability

Mi-Tee Flat is certified to issue calibration reports and certificates traceable to the National Bureau of Standards Accuracy conforms to U.S. Government Specifications GGG-P-463-C-PARA-110; MIL STD 45662A, ISO 10012-1 AND ANSI/NCSLZ 540-1-994

Accuracy Diagrams

A certificate of inspection with overall accuracy diagrams will be issued with all calibrated and relapped surface plates and accessories. Mi-Tee Flat certifications are traceable to the National Bureau of Standards, reflecting the current and accurate calibration of checking equipment.

Surface Plates

Mi-Tee Flat is an authorized dealer for Standridge Granite Corporation surface plates and accessories.

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